Sliding doors are great to use in small rooms or where you don’t have room for a swinging door.

At Fit Easy Doors we stock a range of sliding options including a range of cavity sliders (pocket doors), wardrobe sliders right through to Bi-folds.

slider-cavity-slider-fiteasy-doorsCavity Sliders (Pocket Door / Hide-a-Door / In wall slider)

A Cavity slider is an efficient alternative to the hinged door as they enable a door to slide inside the wall leaving the floor and wall space on both sides clear and unobstructed.

Cavity Sliders have proven to be reliable and durable in many residential and commercial situations. Cavity sliders are supplied as fully assembled units.

Single / Double Cavity

A single or double cavity disappears when fully open into a compartment in the adjacent wall. The cavity travels on rollers suspended from an overhead track. Both single and double cavity versions can be used, depending on how wide an entry is desired.

Dual / Double Overtaking

A double overtaking cavity slider has an extra wide cavity pocket (suitable normally for 142cm wall , 6” x 2”) which allows for two doors to fit side-by-side in the cavity pocket. This form of cavity slider is ideal for openings with a side span, and make a perfect room divider.

Custom Cavity

Cavity sliders can be customised to your design requirements. From over height, to over width, our sliding interior pocket doors are customised to your space and come in different frame styles, finishes.

Wardrobe Slider

The wardrobe slider can transform your bedrooms through providing better access your wardrobe and decluttering and organising your home.


A sliding wardrobe door system featuring aluminium top and bottom tracks and two smooth running nylon wheels fitted into steel casings in the bottom of each door. Available in double or triple track. The Robemaker can be matched to other doors within the home.

sarah-bowler-smoothslideSmooth Slide

The smooth slide wardrobe system is a practical and sophisticated way to conceal your wardrobe. Each smooth slide is individually made to suit the customers’ exact measurements. Constructed from slimline aluminium. Available in double or triple track.

slider-bifold-door-fiteasy-doorsBifold Doors

Bifold doors are used to separate rooms and provide access to pantries and wardrobes. They add a touch of sophistication and functionality. Available in a variety of configurations, or a custom configuration made to your specifications. The bifold door is usually constructed in pairs with two doors folding to one side, or two sets of two that doors separate in the centre folding back to each side.

Additional Options and Products

Products also available Triumph sliding door track system, Pelmet sliding door track system, Horizon sliding door track system, Manhattan wardrobe door track. We also have a range of locks for our sliders please ask one of our team.