Standard Doors

Our range of doors suit all needs from the standard residential home through to commercial applications.

Hollow Core Door

Hollow core doors are thicker, stronger, and offer enhanced impact resistance and can easily absorb what life throws at it without popping, bending or bowing.  The hollow core door also provides acoustic and thermal insulation.

EPS Door

The EPS door offers increased energy efficiency, soundproofing and quieter operation. EPS Door is preferred due to its rigidity, which provides exceptional insulation along with adding strength to the doors assembly. The ability to custom cut, rout or groove the EPS to fit the exact dimensions provides a tight fit, eliminating thermal breaks.

Solid Core Door

Solid core doors can be used in the residential or commercial sector and are generally used where some impact resistance is required.  The solid core door is typically pre-hung on high quality ball bearing steel hinges. The solid construction minimises noise, increases security and adds that touch of class.

Steel 1 or 2 Edge

Steel insert doors are particularly suitable for use in areas where the ambient temperatures or conditions vary on each side of the door. Steel edge interior doors are the preferred choice for the ensuite bathroom where there will be moist conditions on one side and dry conditions on the other. Steel edge doors are also the practical choice for internal garages, where one face of the door is in a cooler area than the other.

Vision Panel Doors

Vision panel doors are an ideal solution in offices, between living areas, entrance ways, children’s play areas or simply as a stylish feature in your home or work place. Vision panel doors can be customised to your specific requirements making it work with your, vision and design.