Fit Easy Doors

The Fit Easy split jamb pre-hung door system (FED) has many advantages opposed to other conventional systems. The FED innovative system reduces the building cost through its simplistic assembly and superior design. Made up it a jamb that separated into 2 halves.

Side A has half the split jamb, the stop, architraves, and the pre-hung door. Side B is the balance of the split jamb system and the opposing architrave. The FED system is designed for ease of installation for the installer to reduce time and costs to the project owner.

Fit Easy Split Jamb Pre hung Door System Installation guide

Advantages of the Fit Easy Split Jamb system

  • Fast to install – can be hung in less than 10 minutes.
  • It comes as a complete system with architrave (excluding painting, doors are normally pre-primed).
  • The split jamb system is the last to be installed, meaning less prone to damage.
  • Gib can be plastered and sealed before the door is put in its place.
  • Available in a vast selection architrave styles to suit all house styles.
  • Saves money through labour charges.